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Why Star Housing ??

STAR HOUSING has a important responsibility over NRI’s .The (NON RESIDENTIAL INDAIN) NRI has many issues in India .Once it is not possible for a NRI for buying any properties in india.Additionally we know that NRI can only hold the properties that they own before they accept other countries citizenship.nowadays these problems are solved.
NRI investment procedure in real estate.

  Refer Foreign Exchange management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) .

  Regulations of 2000 and addition to the regulations vide RBI master circular No. 4/2012-13 dated 2/7/2012 applicable for Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property by NRI/Persons of Indian Origins..

These are clear rights of a NRI

  •   Acquire any immovable property except agricultural land and farm house in India.
  •   Acquire any immovable property by means of gift from Indian.
  •   Acquire property by means of inheritance.
  •   Transfer of immovable property by means of a sale to a person residing in India.
  •   Transfer agricultural property, plantation land or farm house by way of gift to Indian citizen who is residing in India.
  •   Transfer of residential or commercial property by means of gift to any person


The above procedures and rights clarifies that the NRI/persons of indian origin can buy and own immovable properties except agricultural land, farm house and plantation properties.when the above told limitations are considered the clear reason for all this is to facilitate NRI/persons of indian origin to make investment over Indian real estate markets.

Thus STAR HOUSING has a pride over every projects that all are suitable for NRI’s to invest and holds a group of satisfied NRI customers.

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